CSX On The Right Track, Full Speed Ahead

January 16  • CSX •

  • CSX put up strong Q4 and 2014 Full year Numbers.
  • The decline in crude oil prices has acted as a tailwind, not a headwind.
  • Momentum for 2015 is chugging along strong and likely to pick up speed.

A Survey Of My Side Of The Oil Patch


  • Earnings season will give us a very good indication of where we can expect many oil companies will be as 2015 progresses.
  • All companies are not suffering the collapse of crude equally.
  • Some opportunities exist now, and more will develop if the price war continues at length.

My 2014 Best Performers, Looking Ahead To 2015


  • Reviewing my 30 best performers of 2014.
  • Applying Metric-based analysis to attempt to foretell how 2015 may unfold.
  • Narrowing 10 best picks for 2015 out of 30 2014 market beating stocks.

Aflac: Undervalued By All Measures

Tue, Dec 30 • AFL •

  • AFL is widely perceived to be trading at a significant discount.
  • Many cite concerns over the Japanese economy as a major headwind for AFL.
  • AFL has a long track record of reliable dividends, which should not be endangered anytime soon.

TG Therapeutics Reaches Phase 3 Special Protocol Assessment Faster Than Expected

Fri, Sep 19 • TGTX

    • Recently Announced Phase 3 Trial Fast Tracked by FDA.
    • Combination Trials with TG-1101 and TGR-1202 Continue.
    • TGTX Positioned to challenge Rituxan if Phase 3 Trial is ultimately successful.

FutureFuel: Value Growth And Impressive Dividend

Thu, Sep. 18 • FF

    • FF has suffered this year partially due to the end of government subsidies for biofuels.
    • FF is a small-cap stock that has serious upside potential and a compelling dividend yield.
    • Risks associated with the biochemical industry may keep FF range-bound for some time.

All Pop And No Sizzle Or Is Avanir Going Higher From Here?

Wed, Sep. 17 • AVNR

    • AVNR has rose 271% YTD and sits 377% above the 52 week low.
    • Any foreseeable upside on AVP-923 has been completely baked in, and then some.
    • AVP-923 may not be a novel enough formula to get approval or exclusivity.

Better To Be Fast Like A Tortoise? Some Energy Funds Worth Looking At

Mon, Sep. 15 • TYG, KYN,NDP,NTG,TPZ,TTP •

  • The search for an absolute best MLP fund will always lead to a many forked road.
  • Management fees can be a big differentiating factor between otherwise similarly composed funds.
  • For some, the tax benefits of MLP Funds do not outweigh management fees, especially “excessive” fees.

Medivation, Now The Deluge

Fri, Sep. 12 • MDVN •

  • MDVN received approval from FDA for expansion of XTANDI label.
  • Could represent 7X revenue growth over next 10 years.
  • Future label expansions for XTANDI possible in the near to mid term.

Ideal PEG, Superior Dividend, Value Growth Opportunities


  • This is an introduction to my Heavy-Z (dividend heavy) Portfolio Strategy.
  • 17 stocks each with a strong set of positive metrics.
  • Using metrics in accumulation and distribution rules rather than irrational feelings leads to more successful outcomes.

More Upside To Radnet?

Thu, Sept 11 • RDNT  •

  • RDNT is an unlikely top gainer in 2014.
  • Precarious debt situation could be a negative overhang in near future.
  • It is best to avoid buying into the peak or before the knife starts to fall.

Meridian Bioscience Nears Hot Buy Territory

Mon, Sep. 8 • VIVO •

  • 2014 has been challenging for VIVO shareholders.
  • Three disappointing earnings releases in a row have not been kind.
  • VIVO may be nearing a floor where consolidation may take place prior to a short squeeze.

OffShore Drillers And Services Take Beating

Fri, Aug. 29 • DO, HERO, HOS, SDRL, TDW, VTG •

  • Several downgrades recently sent the Offshore Drilling and Services sector lower.
  • Seadrill’s cautious outlook in yesterday’s earnings release putting sector under additional pressure.
  • Two surprising bull cases worth further investigation have stuck out from the crowd.

Sub 1 PEG, Sub 1 Price/Book Value Plays With Positive Dividend Yield

Thu, Aug. 28 • AIG, ARES, AUO, ENH, GGB, L, LNC, MS, RDC, SHG, TDW •

  • I find the PEG ratio to be the absolute most important metric I use in screening investments.
  • Like many others, I like to look at the Price/Book and determine the implied discount, or money sitting on the table.
  • Running periodic screens allows us to find opportunities we would otherwise missed out on or never knew existed.

The Opportunity Is Now For Kindred Biosciences

Wed, Aug. 27 • KIN •

  • KIN’s first field test on Cerekin did not go successfully.
  • The company’s deep pipeline remains and a successful trial could be coming soon.
  • All may not be lost for CereKin.

Is Kayne Anderson The Best MLP Play Right Now?

Wed, Aug. 20 • SXL, KYN •

  • MLPs have received a lot of extra attention recently due to the announced Kinder Morgan Consolidation.
  • MLPs have given my best returns as a lot during the current market upswing.
  • Are MLP Funds a better play than holding the MLPs directly?

Buy This Walgreen Dip, Thank Me Later

Fri, Aug. 8 • WAG •

  • On August 6, 2014, WAG announced that they would be exercising their option to complete the purchase of Alliance Boots.
  • While heavily pressured by Institutional Investors, WAG chose not to incorporate a Tax-Inversion into this transaction.
  • This Dip in price presents a very favorable entry point that savvy long-term investors might not see again.

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Too Hot For Too Long

Wed, Aug. 6 • TMO •

  • TMO reported very impressive numbers on July 23, 2014.
  • The increased synergies from the Life Technologies acquisition and the impending divestiture of the Cole-Parmer business resulted in raised guidance.
  • The Life Technologies takeover has led to the emergence of an unrivaled market leader serving research, specialty diagnostics and applied markets.

Exxon Mobil Safely Surpasses Q2 Estimates, Gets Hammered Anyways

Mon, Aug. 4 • COPXOM •

  • XOM led the market lower with disappointing earnings.
  • COP followed the market but reported much more encouraging results.
  • For those worried about a market correction, this may have been the breaking of the dam.

IACI Bounces On Investor Relief, Time To Buy?

Fri, Aug. 1 • IACI •

  • In what would have been a solid beat, IACI posted first loss in 4 years.
  • Strong growth in dating sites offset much of the Aereo Loss.
  • Relief rally may extend past current analyst target price.

Time To Throw In The Towel On Frontline?

Thu, Jul. 31 • FRO •

  • On April 22, 2014 I made a contrarian call on FRO beginning the long awaited “comeback.”.
  • This did not happen. In fact FRO has lost 31% since.
  • The industry-wide day-rate renaissance may not materialize, or may appear too late.

Re-Evaluating My SeaDrill Limited Holdings

Tue, Jul. 29 • SDRL 

  • Back on April 22, 2014 I asserted that SDRL was one of my favorite five High Yield Stocks to accumulate.
  • SDRL had a generally positive earnings release and mostly appreciative price action during this time.
  • Over the last few days SDRL has come under price pressure and increased market skepticism.

Low PEG, Low Price/Book Value Plays With Better Dividend Yield Than Coca-Cola

Sun, May. 11 • BHLB, VR, MVC, GARS, HCAP, SIMO, PBR •

  • I set up a screen using my most relied-upon metrics for consideration of stocks.
  • In my experience, sub 2.0 PEG and less than 1.0 P/B have been winners individually.
  • My results were a list of stocks I was not very, if at all, familiar with.

A Good Time To Buy Conoco Phillips And Phillips 66?

Fri, May. 2 • COPPSX •

  • Two years on from the spin-off, both COP and PSX have reported Street beating Q1s.
  • COP Eagle Ford and Bakken combined production increased by 41 percent compared with Q1 2013.
  • Worldwide, PSX refining utilization was 90 percent and clean product yield was 84 percent in the first quarter of 2014.

Corning Bouncing Back From Higher Operating Expenses

Wed, Apr. 30 • GLW •

  • Core (non-GAAP) sales in the Display Technologies segment increased 58% from the year-ago period, resulting primarily from the recent consolidation of Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Core (non-GAAP) earnings per share were $0.31 per share, an increase of 7% over the first quarter last year and better than expected.
  • Core (non-GAAP) sales grew to $2.4 billion, a 32% increase on a year-over-year basis.

A Look At Plum Creek Timber Following First Quarter Earnings

Wed, Apr. 30 • PCL, MWV, RYN, WY •

  • Southern Resources segment reported operating profit of $31 million during Q1 2014, up about 29.2% year over year.
  • Northern Resources segment reported operating profit of $16 million during Q1 2014, up 45.5% year over year.
  • Energy and Natural Resource reported operating profit of $6 million during Q1 2014, up 20.0% year over year.

Impressive Revenue Growth And 40% Shale Production Increases For Cabot Oil & Gas

Fri, Apr. 25 • COG •

  • Cabot Oil & Gas misses earnings estimate by $0.01, misses by 29.32M on revenues.
  • COG Reports Q1 (Mar) earnings of $0.26 per share, $0.01 worse than consensus estimate of $0.27.
  • Revenues rose 36.6% year/year to $509.8M vs. the $539.12M consensus.

5 Value Growth Stocks I Am Buying Now

Tue, Apr. 22 • BRK.B, COGFRO, PRGO, WAC •

  • Identifying value plays that may stand up to a negative market environment.
  • Value/growth plays to balance out a high-yield strategy.
  • Identifying stocks hampered by external situations which may be alleviated.

5 High-Yield Stocks I’m Buying Now

Tue, Apr. 22 • SDRL, NAT, FSC, KCAP, HRZN •

  • I break down the metrics and thesis of the 5 highest-yielding stocks I am currently accumulating.
  • Recent Federal Reserve comments suggest low interest rates will remain the norm for an extended period of time.
  • High-yield stocks have a built-in resistance to large downward market swings.